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Upper Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is among the most common complaints that people suffer from, but just because it’s a problem that a lot of people have, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously. When you visit a chiropractor, one of the first things he or she will do is to work with you to determine the cause and extent of your pain.

If you have poor posture, you could be paying the price in pain. As for long periods behind the wheel of your car, especially if you often have to make long trips, back pain is a common consequence. And, of course, there are repetitive or traumatic stress injuries caused by pushing, pulling or lifting during your workday.

Any of these causes can result in your spine being pulled out of alignment, and if the problem has progressed far enough, you may even have a herniated disc. This is also sometimes called a “bulging disc” or a “pinched nerve”. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a painful condition, and getting relief will be a priority for you.

A holistic approach to upper back pain

Just as taking a painkiller doesn’t treat the cause of pain, just getting spinal adjustments done by a chiropractor doesn’t address the reason why you suffer from upper back pain in the first place. If you had a traumatic (or sudden) injury, you may already know the cause, but repetitive stress injuries are much harder to pinpoint. You could be doing one or several things that are aggravating your problem.

A good chiropractor takes a holistic approach, not only adjusting your spine so that it is no longer misaligned, but also helping you to work out why you got into this situation and how you can avoid similar damage in future. Yes, it may be “bad business” to help people solve a problem once and for all so that patients don’t need to come back every few months or years, but that’s just what your chiropractor is going to do.

Here’s what a chiropractor’s approach to upper back pain treatment consists of:

chiropractor approach

  1. Spinal adjustments

This is the primary treatment used to relieve the pain you are suffering now. Sometimes, it is termed “spinal manipulation” but whatever you call it, its purpose is to get your spine back into the correct alignment. Depending on your problem, you may need several treatments to correct spinal alignment. This stops muscle spasms and stops your nervous system from sending out distress signals because malalignment is affecting its functioning.

  1. Workplace ergonomics analysis

Whether you sit behind a desk all day or do physically demanding work, your chiropractor will advise you on techniques and equipment that will reduce your chances of developing the same problem repeatedly. This could be as simple as changing the way you lift items, changing your sleeping position or providing advice on the type of desk and chair you should be working at.

Although you may feel uncomfortable about raising equipment needs with your employers, you may find that your health and safety committee and managers are more eager to help than you may have expected. After all, workplace injuries should be avoided, and pointing them in the right direction and getting the equipment you need, will make you more productive.

Posture analysis and correction

Poor posture isn’t just a habit. It is often the result of weak muscles or muscles that are not put through the full range of movement they are supposed to achieve. Your core muscles support your body, and you may need to build a little extra strength to maintain good posture without fatigue. Exercise is the answer, and a chiropractor can lead you through safe, personally targeted exercises that will help you to develop good posture.

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