Recover from an injury, remove muscle pain, and increase body strength with Physiotherapy.

Your body is put under a significant amount of stress on a daily basis. Whether it is work or sports related or just day-to-day life, your muscles get tired and weaken. Physiotherapy can assist in rehabilitating the muscles and making them stronger.

Physiotherapy involves understanding how the body works, assessing and diagnosing the problem, and then treating it. Treatment may be hands on, educational, or may require you to work on exercises and stretches on your own. In most cases, effective treatment combines all aspects. Our goal is to help you feel better, get stronger and improve the daily function of your body.

  • Eliminate or relieve pain
  • Restore muscle strength and flexibility
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Improve body function for every day activities
  • Recover from an injury
  • Reduce your medication consumption
  • We can look at X-Rays with our chiropractors for better diagnosis and treatment planning


Your initial visit will focus on diagnosing the problem and understanding the root cause. Your physiotherapist will then evaluate your lifestyle and daily activities to determine the most efficient treatment plan. Therapy will continue on a frequency established by your therapist to provide maximum results.

Each patient comes to us with a unique ailment, and our goal is to customize your treatment plan to give you the best results. During your first visit, we will diagnose your problem and determine the root cause. Based on your particular lifestyle and daily activities we can then determine what kind of treatment plan will be most effective. We will then establish how often and for how long you should continue therapy to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your physiotherapy sessions. Our goal is to get you moving again at your strongest self while minimizing pain associated with injury and helping people recover from surgery.

Who Should See a Physiotherapist?

If you are looking to recover from an injury, increase your flexibility and strength, improve your body’s overall function, or alleviate pain; physiotherapy is for you!

What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a treatment that encourages movement to help people recover from injury or surgery. By having a trained physiotherapist guide our patients through recovery, they regain, maintain, and maximize strength, body function and motion. It is a holistic way to heal through the aid of physical therapy. Physiotherapy also encourages overall wellbeing and promotes good health and fitness habits.

What is the Goal Of Physiotherapy

The goal of physiotherapy is to aid in recovery from injury or surgery through non-invasive techniques. The practice of physiotherapy helps to reduce pain and accelerate and promote healing of injuries while improving mobility and strength. By working with each patient and customizing the best treatment plan for their problem, physiotherapy lets patients take part in their own recovery by participating in the recovery process.

What Techniques do Physiotherapists Use

We utilize many different techniques to treat a multitude of injuries and to aid in recovery. In addition to muscle stretching, which is commonly associated with physiotherapy, we also offer massage to encourage blood flow to affected areas, joint manipulation and mobilization. We also offer our patients’ physiotherapy exercises such as elements from yoga and pilates to help strengthen muscles while also improving function and mobility.

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is extremely effective because not only does it relieve pain, it also prevents re-injury. By restoring muscle and joint flexibility and strength, physiotherapy provides one of the best opportunities for keeping your body healthy.

Why Should I See a Physiotherapist

If you experience an injury or ongoing pain, seeing a physiotherapist can help you regain your strength and health. There are many reasons to see a physiotherapist to help you perform and feel your best. Athletes utilize physiotherapy to help get back in the game after a sports injury or to prevent an injury (sometimes referred to “prehab”). Non-athletes often use physiotherapy to reduce pain and increase function caused by strains, sprains and aches from everyday life, an acute or chronic injury, a car accident, recreational activities, or poor posture

How Many Appointments Will I Need to Get Better

The amount of appointments varies depending on many factors. The severity of your injury, location of injury and your medical history all play a role in how long it will take. Some people need just one appointment, while others are spanned over several weeks or months. We will be able to give you a better idea after your initial appointment and depending on how your recovery progresses.

What can I expect at the first physiotherapy appointment?

During your first appointment we will go over your background to help determine the best method of treatment. We will discuss your medical history and what your current problem is along with intensity of pain. Share with us when the pain occurs, and if anything helps to ease the pain. We will discuss your goals as to what you hope to accomplish from physiotherapy and how we can keep your injury from impacting your day to day life. We will then perform an evaluation to aid us in creating a treatment plan.

Is Physiotherapy Safe?

Physiotherapy is completely safe and non-invasive. It does not require the use of surgery or drugs.

Will My Insurance Cover the Treatment?

Our therapies are covered by most major health plans and coverage varies by provider and plan. For more information on coverage, we suggest contacting your insurance provider. To book an appointment please call us at (778)-574-4999. We are located in South Surrey, BC in Newton neighborhood.

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