At the BC Back Clinic we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality treatments with extremely competitive pricing. Whether you have an ICBC claim, Worksafe claim, sports injury, or pain from everyday activities, our integrative approach to care with the best equipment around will ensure that you are pain free and back to normal as quickly as possible!


Recover from an injury, remove muscle pain, and increase body strength with physiotherapy.

Chiropractic Care

Relieve pain, keep it away, and improve total body health with Chiropractic care!

Massage Therapy

Lie down and relax while we gently relieve your muscle pain using various massage techniques.

Active Rehab / Kin

Recover from an injury and prevent potential risks with active rehabilitation.

Spinal Decompression

Eliminate lower back pain!


Enable your body’s natural pain killers!

Cold Laser Therapy

Recover faster from an injury quicker and painlessly!

Custom Orthotics

Fix ankle, knee, hip, and back pain with custom orthotics!

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