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Physiotherapy Exercises You Can Do At Home

If you visit a physiotherapist, you will very likely receive a targeted exercise program that is aimed at strengthening weakened muscles and relieving pain. Thus, just about any physiotherapy exercises will be ones that you can do at home – and which ones we recommend will depend on the condition we are dealing with.

However, some problems are very common, and we’re proud to present a few safe, effective exercises that will help you to relieve the commonest problem of all: lower back pain. Remember that physiotherapy exercises are generally not meant to be strenuous. Listen to your body, and if you experience discomfort while doing these exercises, make an appointment with us so that we can assess your condition.

Stretch Your Back

To perform this simple exercise, lie on your back and fold your hands behind your head. Now, lift your knees into a bent position. Slowly roll your bent knees over to one side and hold this position while you count to ten. Now, roll your knees to the other side and count to ten again. Repeat this set of movements three times.

Stand on One Leg

To be safe, do this exercise facing a wall and support yourself with one hand. Bend your leg up behind you and grasp your ankle. Hold this position for the count of five and then switch to the other leg. Repeat the exercise three times.

Pelvic Tilt

Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, you knees bent, and your feet flat on the exercise mat. As you tense your tummy muscles and hold your back flat against the floor, lift your pelvis slightly. Hold this position while you count slowly to five. Repeat this movement five times.

Knee to Chest Stretch

Assume the same starting position you used for the pelvic lift. Now bring your knee up to your chest. Grasp your knee and hold this position for a few seconds. Now repeat for the other leg. Three to five stretches per side should be enough.

Cat Stretch

We haven’t asked cats about lower back pain, but we think they’re unlikely to get one thanks to this stretch. Kneel on all fours. Now, arch your back upwards and hold for the count of three. Then, slowly move your back into a convex position and hold. Repeat three times.

Rotational Stretch

Sit cross-legged on the floor or choose a chair without armrests. If using a chair, cross your legs with the upper leg on the side to which you will rotate your back. Slowly rotate your back, bracing your arm against the outside of the knee. Hold this position for five to ten counts. Now switch sides. Three to five stretches per side should help to relax tight lower back muscles.

When Should You Get Help?

Stretches For Back Pain

If your back ache is particularly painful, if it persists for more than a few days without improvement, or if it recurs frequently, you should consider getting professional help. A physiotherapist can help you by looking at the lifestyle or physiological problems that cause your aches and pains and can help you to devise strategies to overcome the issues they cause. He or she will also be able to apply additional treatments as well as prescribing home exercises that will help you to relieve pain and strengthen muscles. Call us today for your personalized assessment.

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