Our Equipment

At the BC Back Clinic we’re focused on getting you better as quickly as possible. Each year we invest in the best equipment and technology to ensure a speedy recovery!


Vax-D (Spinal Decompression)

The Vax-D machine works simply by stretching the back to relieve pressure on the lower structures of the spine. These “structures” are known as “cushion disks” and vertebral bones. When these structures are stressed, lower back pain is a common symptom. The treatment involves the patient lying face down on the table with their hands forward. The table then safely separates, stretching the patient’s back and alleviating lower back pain.

This equipment is commonly used for patients who have disc bulges, herniations, or sciatica issues and want to feel better without surgery (or instead of waiting for surgery). Most of our patients choose us because we offer active rehabilitation following spinal decompression – this results in increased strength and flexibility and allows our patients to get back to everyday activities quicker!

We are currently the only operators of the Vax-D in BC.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Med-X (Lumbar Extension Machine)

In the later stages of getting better, usually during the active rehabilitation phase, it is very important to strengthen the muscles around your spine for additional support and injury prevention. Our Med-X Lumbar Extension machine provides computer controlled, targeted resistance over either a full or isolated range of motion. This innovative approach allows you to look at computer generated data to track progress and compare your strength to people of the same age and gender. We commonly use the Med-X Lumbar Extension machine during active rehab for many back issues including car accidents, workplace injuries, or long term back pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Med-X (Rotary Torso)

One of the biggest challenges during rehab is isolating the correct muscles to strengthen. The Med-X Rotary Torso machine does an excellent job isolating the obliques and your spinal rotators so that you can correctly and effectively strengthen the muscles that support your lower back, mid back, and neck.

This machine can help by:

  • Reduce / stop spine curvature on adolescent scoliosis
  • Exercise, strengthen, and stabilize specific muscles
  • Reduce probability of getting herniated discs, facet syndrome, or degenerative joint disease

Spine Force

Spine force is the only three-dimensional machine used to target the stabilizers that help support your spine. The oscillating base provides your body with a challenge that it must adapt to; restoring strength, improving balance, coordination, posture, and range of motion.


Tech Trainer

The tech trainer provides a total body workout and can be used for hundreds of exercises valuable to both rehabilitation and targeted sports training. It also provides accurate analysis of sport-specific training, allowing us to assess areas of strength and areas of improvement.

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