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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Do you find yourself victim to neck or shoulder pain, or even both? Pain anywhere is always unpleasant but neck and shoulder pain can be particularly debilitating and cause agonizing symptoms. Both neck pain, known as osteoarthritis, and shoulder pain are common for many people. So what exactly is it that may be causing discomfort and pain in your neck and shoulder or both? Whether you are suffering from a neck pain or back pain that persists and does not go away, we recommend you visit your nearest chiropractic clinic in Surrey. Neck and shoulder pain are quite often linked to each other, but you can most definitely experience just one of each types of pain on their own. However, each area can be affected by different causes. Everyone is susceptible to neck and shoulder pain, especially those who are more active. Athletes who engage in sports that particularly involve engaging their arms and shoulders, as well as those who find themselves performing repetitive movement or manual labour are especially vulnerable to shoulder injuries. Likewise, neck pain can be caused by simple every day actions performed by anyone, like prolonged computer use, poor posture, or awkward sleeping positions.

Neck Pain Symptoms & Treatment

Neck Pain - chiropractic adjustment

Bad posture is one of the biggest culprits in causing neck pain. A poorly supported back will cause strain all the way up to the neck muscles, but neck pain can also be the cause of deeper-rooted problems such as degenerate diseases, joint abnormalities, and trauma like whiplash. Even if you haven’t experienced an isolated incident that may have caused your neck pain, strain as simple as holding up your head can trigger the slightest of neck discomfort. Neck pain is correlated to shoulder pain but can often affect other areas of your body like your arms and back. Headaches are also a very common symptom of neck pain and can drag on for long periods of time. Fortunately, it usually doesn’t take long to alleviate minor neck pain. There are various healing options for you to choose from, ranging from home remedies to seeking professional care. Cold and heat application can be helpful in reducing inflammation and stimulating blood flow. Medication like ibuprofen also provides anti-inflammatory relief, or acetaminophen, which can reduce pain. If you find your self-care to be ineffective then you may want to consider seeking out professional aid such as massage therapy or chiropractic treatment.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms & Treatment

Shoulder Pain - chiropractic treatment

The shoulder on the other hand has a more expanded range of movement, making the joint relatively injury prone. Since the ball and socket of the shoulder joint are always mobile, injuries can stem from overexertion and overuse which may lead to tendonitis, instability, dislocation, or fractures. Your shoulder is primarily made up of 3 main bones more simply known as the shoulder blade, collarbone, and long arm bone, which are all cushioned in cartilage lining. In addition to these bones, there are also 2 main joints, the acromioclavicular and the glenohumeral joints. All these parts are constantly in cohesive motion so it’s easy for them to get overworked. The shoulder’s motion relies heavily on tendons that make up the rotator cuff. So, when these tendons become swollen or damaged, you’ll feel the negative impact in your shoulders. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, you could be suffering from a rotator cuff disorder, hypermobility, a fracture, or frozen shoulder. Just like neck pain, shoulder pain can be treated at home with over the counter medication or hot and cold compresses. However, like any injury, more severe shoulder pain could required further care like physiotherapy, corticosteroids injections, or surgery.

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