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How to Choose a Chiropractor

For those suffering from aches and pains that only a chiropractor can fix, selecting the right doctor can make your decent experience an excellent experience. While the profession is one in its own, within it there can be huge variations between philosophies and techniques of each different chiropractor. Different methods work for different patients, so it is importation to not only find a doctor who is best capable of correcting your ailments, but also someone you feel comfortable visiting.

Ask for Recommendations:

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One great place to start in your search for a chiropractor in Surrey, BC is to talk to a trusted primary care physician, a therapist, or even friend or co-worker. This is an excellent way to get recommendations for a chiropractor that is suited to your needs. Those who know you may have a better idea of which ones you would best have rapport with, which is an important part of finding the right chiro. The more you can find out from people you know about chiropractor, the better prepared you will be to select the right one.

Do Some Research:

If you are leaning towards a specific doctor, check out their background. Contact the Chiropractic Licensing board to see if there have ever been any issues or disciplinary action against the doctor or their practice. Also make sure that they studied at a college or university that is accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. The more you know about their background, the better informed you’ll be when you make an appointment with the doctor.

Schedule a Consult:

Talk is good, but the best way to find out about a particular chiropractor is to actually speak to them on the phone or meet with them. That way you can find if you feel comfortable with the doctor, learn about their techniques and decide if they have the right practice for you. An in person consult will also help you locate the office and get a feel for how patients are treated there. Be sure to find out about how long the doctor has been practicing, their specialty, and how the doctor interacts with you.

Learn about their Techniques:

During your consult, you’ll have a lot of questions answered, but if there is an area you’d like to find more about, it doesn’t hurt to continue your research. The more you can find out, the more you’ll know if what they have to offer is the best solution for your pain.

Talk to the Clinic:

There is more to a chiropractor than just the doctor. There is a whole office and clinic that you’ll be working with, either for payment, and guarantee of services. Check to see if they accept your insurance, fees that are associated with each treatment and if they have any discounts that could be applicable to your particular case.

Having as much background information before deciding on a chiropractor and going for treatment will make you the most educated you can be in advance of such procedures. This is one case where you’ll be glad you did your homework.


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