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What Can Physiotherapy Help You With

A great many people consider physiotherapy to be some form of “alternative medicine,” but this is not the case. Physiotherapy has been around for a very long time and has a proven track record of assisting with pain management and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy can be broken into 3 different approaches:-

  • Education and advice
  • Movement and exercise
  • Manual and other therapy

Physiotherapists are known for looking at the whole problem and not just the one muscle or joint. A physiotherapist might prescribe a variety of treatments to be followed simultaneously. Physiotherapy is also completely non-invasive. We look at some of the conditions physiotherapy may be able to help you with.

knee pain

Knee Pain

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario launched a study that showed that physiotherapy combined with medication was just as effective as arthroscopic surgery in treating bad knee pain. Muscles might be too tight or too weak, causing an imbalance in the whole system which results in knee pain. Physiotherapists will recommend a series of exercises to correct the imbalance

Breath Control

Because of physiotherapy’s concern with the whole system, relief from breathlessness and sleep apnea can be achieved by the implementation of techniques developed by cardiovascular physiotherapists. One example would be the increase in the mobility of chest and neck muscles through exercise and breath control.

Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor disorders usually occur after pregnancy, child birth and abdominal surgery. This can result in the tightening and shortening of the associated muscles, which leads to painful spasms and extreme discomfort. Physiotherapists would use trigger point release massage to relieve the spasm, and once again, would recommend exercises to help the muscles recover.

Treatment of Obesity

Again, in line with physiotherapy’s holistic approach, “lifestyle physiotherapists” have been working in conjunction with doctors to reduce the health risk of obesity. Physiotherapists will educate their patients on the importance of the musculoskeletal system and design exercises that will relieve traditional tendonitis and sore knees associated with obesity. They will design customised exercise programs that will help patients to lose weight and that won’t overburden vulnerable joints.

Chronic Pain

A lot of chronic pain associated with osteoporosis can be put down to spinal compression fractures. Physiotherapists will design a program to assist in strengthening muscles, improving balance and stabilizing the lumbar region. By the same token, other conditions that cause chronic pain may be relieved by encouraging muscles to take up some of the strain.

Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by bad posture, muscle strain and arthritis. There are 24 muscles in the lower back region and the approach of physiotherapist is threefold.

  • Reducing stress on joints through weight management
  • Improve mobility and reduce recurrence through a muscle strengthening exercise program
  • Re-educating or re-patterning the muscles to work more efficiently, thereby reducing stress on the back. Re-patterning involves changing the co-ordination of the whole muscle group and not just one or two individual muscles.
  • Additional treatments using advanced equipment to reduce muscle cramps and spasms.

Following such a program has been found to greatly reduce the discomfort of back pain.

Some Final Considerations

Unfortunately, in our modern society, we demand instant results. Regrettably physiotherapy does not work like that. It is a program that must be following carefully over a period of time to achieve results. However, those that stay the course are very likely to find that they are able to meet their goals for a pain-free, healthy lifestyle through physiotherapy.

This top five only represents some of the commonest ailments physiotherapists are called on to treat – there are many other health conditions that can be improved through physiotherapy. Ask your doctor about physiotherapy, or contact us to find out if we can help you.

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