How Can Chiropractic Help Me?

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How Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Chiropractic may be able to help you for more reasons than you believe. Some of the ways that chiropractic helps people have been documented scientifically. These primarily relate to pain management, but it’s possible that there are even more things that chiropractic can treat, or at least, help with.

What chiropractors strive to achieve

Chiropractors want to help people to wellness by working on the nervous system through spinal adjustments. The real philosophy goes like this: the body can heal itself naturally, but sometimes, there is a barrier to natural healing. Could it be that the nervous system controlling all the parts of your body has a role to play?  Most of these nerves enter the spinal cord, forming a bundle of nerves rather like the bundles of strands that make up electric cable.

If the spine is out of alignment, it may hamper the way signals get through. A professional chiropractor isn’t going to make unproven claims, so often, chiropractors won’t even talk about benefits other than pain reduction and faster injury healing. But in their heart of hearts, they believe that spinal manipulation can even help the body to recover from a wide variety of illnesses through natural healing.

How this philosophy developed

The father of chiropractic, DD Palmer, who also coined the term “chiropractor” says he had two patients with vastly dissimilar problems: deafness and heart disease. On examining their spines, he found that both of his patients had alignment issues that he believed were constricting nerves. By manipulating the spine, he claims to have achieved a cure for both patients, and that on consideration, it could only be attributed to the spinal manipulations he gave them.

Most of us have spinal malalignment


Scientists say that our evolution into bipedal, upright primates has left us with a few weak points, and the back is one of these. Humans suffer back problems more than our less upright animal cousins do. So even if you aren’t experiencing any pain and discomfort from your back, you probably have a couple of kinks you shouldn’t.

Why people visit chiropractors

Most people visit chiropractors because of back pain, neck pain or headaches. A few have joint problems or injuries they’d like to recover from more quickly. Some, however, come for regular realignment because they believe it keeps them healthy.

Can a chiropractor help you?

Given that the odds your body is misaligned are high, a chiropractor will certainly help you to be more comfortable. And it’s possible that relieving the nervous system by realigning the spine will help with drug-free healing elsewhere.

What’s the bottom line? Seeing a chiropractor can’t hurt you, will help you get your spine straightened out properly, and will result in you getting good general health advice, home exercises and sensible dietary recommendations. The combination will improve your overall wellness!

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