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Athletes and Chiropractic Care

All athletes, no matter what the sport, regularly experience some level of injury to the musculoskeletal structure of the body. Along with a whole host of treatments and disciplines from diet to mental wellbeing, athletes, at whatever level, need to be very aware of their primary asset, their bodies.

Chiropractic care has played an official part in the treatment of professional athletes since the 1970’s when a chiropractor, Leroy Perry, worked with the team from Aruba in the Caribbean. In 1980, the first chiropractor to the USA Olympic Team, Stephen J Perry, was appointed.

From then until the present day, chiropractors have played an increasingly important part in sports medicine. Chiropractic treats mainly the bone and muscle structure, and particularly the spine, by attempting to align bone structure, and manipulate joints to increase motor movement, as well as techniques to relieve pain and tension.

Relief from Injuries Received in Sport

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In full contact sports such as football and ice hockey, and for that matter, even in less contact sports like tennis, injuries to the body’s bone structure and muscles does occur, and many well-known athletes swear by the beneficial results of chiropractic treatment after such an injury.

World-famous athletes like Lance Armstrong and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have gone on public record to talk about the benefits of chiropractic treatment. Athletic prowess is all about speed, strength and flexibility. When an athlete’s spine is out of alignment, the resulting irritation to the nervous system will affect the athlete’s ability to perform. Athletes find that their bodies heal much quicker, and that they are less injury-prone with regular chiropractic spinal adjustments, that restore them to optimum performance.

Various Sports’ Injuries relieved with Chiropractic Care

Playing a game of professional football can be likened to being involved in a vehicle collision. Through routine re-alignments most athletes will experience better motion in affected areas. The blood flow will increase and there is a good chance that the athlete will experience fewer injuries. But chiropractic care is not only for athletes engaged in high contact sports. Even athletes in low impact sports such as tennis and golf will benefit from regular chiropractic treatments, which will help to alleviate the strain put on their bodies.

Chiropractic care can help with a variety of ailments that plague sportsman. Here are a few of the ailments that will benefit from regular chiropractic adjustment:-

  • Headaches: Sixty to ninety percent of all headaches result from neck strain, and it has been found that chiropractic treatment can significantly reduce the discomfort of these headaches.
  • Shoulder Pain: The British Medical Journal has published studies that show that regular shoulder manipulation reduces the pain of shoulder strain.
  • Ankle Pain: Chiropractic procedures have been shown to decrease restricted motion and pain associated with ankle injuries.
  • Injury Prevention: It has been shown that regular chiropractic care results in fewer injuries for those athletes that use it, compared to those that don’t.
  • Pain Alleviation: Regular spinal adjustments have been shown to alleviate the intensity of lower back pain and restore normal function.

Drug Free Treatment

One of the major benefits of Chiropractic care is that it is a non-invasive, drug free treatment. Many studies have found chiropractic procedures help athletes to recover from sports injuries without the use of painkillers and even invasive surgery.

The benefits of chiropractic care for athletes, have been shown to work over and over again, not only from testimonials from the athletes themselves, but from numerous studies done in the field of sports medicine. This is further emphasised by the fact that most professional sports teams, and the US Olympic Team, have resident chiropractors on their staff.

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